How To Measure For Luxury Vinyl Plank

Step 1. Determine Square Footage
Figure out the square footage of each room in which you want to install laminate-wood floors. Use a tape measure to determine the room’s length and width. Then multiply the length by width to get square footage.

For instance, if the room is 12ft wide by 12ft feet long, your square footage is 144 sq. ft. (12×12=144).

Step 2. Add The Waste Factor
A general rule of thumb is to add 10% to your square footage measurement to allow for cuts and waste. This will accommodate waste during an installation due to extra cuts you may need including staggered cuts, improper cuts or mistakes, and damage. It is good to also keep a few extra planks on hand in case there is damage due to water or scratches in the future.

So, for our 144 SqFt room, that’s 158 SqFt, or 144 feet plus 10%.

Note* Rigid Max is sold in full carton quantities only. Round up to full carton quantity after waste is figured.

Step 3. Transitions & Trim
Checking your measurements will certainly give you a good ballpark estimate when you multiply your square-foot needs by the materials price per square foot. But little things can make a difference in the actual calculation. For instance, for installation in rooms larger than 40 feet long or 25 feet wide, a transition piece is often required